Some Of The Most Commonly Mined Metals

There are a variety of common metals that are mined widely. The majority of these metals come the continent of Africa and surrounds. Below is a list of these metals and their common uses.


Cobalt is a metal that is mainly mined from the Democratic Republic Of Congo In Africa. Cobalt is commonly used in the super alloys in order to manufacture:

•Permanent magnets

•Chemicals like magnetic coatings, catalysts and paint dryers

•Wear-resistant applications

•Cemented carbides for the purpose of cutting tools

•Gas-turbine engines in aircraft’s

Tungsten, Tantalum and Tin

Also mainly mined in the Congo, these particular minerals are used mainly in manufacturing processes that involve mobile phones, desktops, laptops and computers. These minerals typically generate $185 million each year from the area of the Congolese mines.


Gold is mainly mined in Ghana and South Africa in Africa. One of the most commonly known minerals, gold is popularly used for:

•Arts and jewelry

•Medicine and dentistry

•Electronic and scientific instruments

•Coins and medallions

The Platinum Group Metals

Mainly mined in the mining regions of South Africa the PGM groups include ruthenium, olatinum, osmium, palladium, iridium and rhodium. Platinum is commonly used for the purposes of:

•Organic chemicals


•Catalysts in order to produce certain types of acids



Silver is a metal commonly mined in areas of Africa, Asia and South America. Today, silver is still commonly used for the following:

•Catalytic converters



•Industrial applications

•Electronic and electrical devices


Africa is a continent that is rich in a variety of natural resources and is the main mining site for the more popular minerals. Some of the metals mentioned in this article are associated to why Africa as a continent has much to offer the global markets and why the economic growth in this continent is able to stay stable in the era of global volatility.