Metals are known as one of the most ancient minerals found on our planet and has since been used for a variety of reasons. Many years ago, in earlier civilizations metal was used to make weapons and has since been known for its durability and hardness. The different metal types are derived from the surface of earth and a few come from the actual inner core. All metals have their own properties and characteristics.

One of the most valuable as well as expensive types of metal would have to be gold. This specific metal is most commonly used to create jewelry and is associated with wealth. Gold is well known for being one of the most malleable of all metal types.

Silver is another type of metal that is also popularly used for the purpose of jewelry. Silver is often used to make rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Silver was often combined with other types of metals in order to make utensils such as knives, forks and spoons. However, not like gold, silver is not valuable in relation to money. Silver is regarded as a very active metal.

The next metal type which is unusual would be mercury. This metal type is the only one that is found on our planet that is in a pure liquid form when it is at room temperature. In addition, mercury is also considered to be extremely dangerous and is highly toxic to humans and should always be treated with care. The primary process involved in extracting mercury is through a process of distillation. Mercury is used during extracting gold as it has a high capacity for attracting gold.

Iron is the next metal type that has been regarded as the most valuable and useful metal type. Iron is typically used for the construction of railings, construction equipment and nails. Iron has been regarded as a very versatile metal when it comes to making items out of it as it is incredibly malleable. The history related to metallurgy is fully traceable when using the “periodic table of elements”. This table also offers information on how the various metals have become useful over the years.

Nowadays, different metals are used to make furniture, in the automotive industries and various other industries across the globe. Over and above its versatile properties, metals are also commonly used for the creation of art materials.